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Weekly slimbing sessions for children with Autism

Bristol Climbing Club have now taken on 2 new fantastic instructors who are able to offer more of their time (than me) and so are able to put on sessions each Thursday of the school terms (Bristol terms). These sessions are the perfect activity for children from the ages of 6-14 who are diagnosed with [...]

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Pentathlon Late 2016 Photo Gallery

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Brit Rock film tour comes to Bristol 2016

Brit Rock Film Tour 2016 is stopping at Bristol on the 23rd of November to show the next video their series of Brit Rock climbing films. These evening and films never disappoint. Get those tickets early as they always seem to go quick. Check out the event listing for more information on this can't miss [...]

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Cheddar opens for full climbing access

It has come around fast, the 1st of October is almost here and that also means that Cheddar Gorge and all the climbing it has to offer is open. From the 1st of October all the current restrictions leaving us all free to climb in whatever area we wish. Green means go!

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Top 5 tips if your new to bouldering and climbing

In this article I have tried to get across a few of the main subject or teaching points that I use while coaching. No matter what the level it often seems that any one of these 5 points are the biggest stumbling block to the climber progressing. These are my "go to" concepts for any [...]

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New climbers don’t care who Chris Sharma is

I absolutely love asking climbers, especially new and indoor climbers questions, I do this for fun, to make them feel welcome at the climbing centre but also  find out how they see climbing, what the extent of their climbing knowledge is as well as finding what climbing truly looks like and means to them. I [...]

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Bloc’s Training board has been reset

Ben Norman (from Bloc) has taken the hero move to reset the steep training board (woody) at Bloc. The steep training board (which is found at the back right side of the climbing area) was, according to the stronger of the scene, in desperate need of a reset. With Ben Norman taking the lead it has had [...]

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Early we know, but the Climbers Xmas party is booked!

The time is nearly on us to prep, book the date and get excited for this years (2016) Bristol Climbing Scene Christmas Party. Please RSVP now, its Free and will help us get served quicker. Do it.   If you have not been before, this is the only gathering for all the climbers from [...]

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Indoor climbing with your children; How to start.

By it’s very nature climbing is a simple sport. No matter the climbers age or ability they are often, if not always, trying their hardest to climb their best. As the climber and the difficulty of the climbs progress the holds get smaller and the the foot holds worse, however, no matter the size, [...]

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Indoor climbing in Bristol: Where to go?

In Bristol there has never been so much choice to climb indoors! There are now high quality indoor rock climbing centres all over Bristol; 1 in Bedminster, 1 in St Phillips and 2 in St Werburghs and smaller but important wall in University of the West of England. With these indoor climbing centres in place [...]

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