Weekly slimbing sessions for children with Autism

Bristol Climbing Club have now taken on 2 new fantastic instructors who are able to offer more of their time (than me) and so are able to put on sessions each Thursday of the school terms (Bristol terms). These sessions are the perfect activity for children from the ages of 6-14 who are diagnosed with [...]

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Brit Rock film tour comes to Bristol 2016

Brit Rock Film Tour 2016 is stopping at Bristol on the 23rd of November to show the next video their series of Brit Rock climbing films. These evening and films never disappoint. Get those tickets early as they always seem to go quick. Check out the event listing for more information on this can't miss [...]

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Cheddar opens for full climbing access

It has come around fast, the 1st of October is almost here and that also means that Cheddar Gorge and all the climbing it has to offer is open. From the 1st of October all the current restrictions leaving us all free to climb in whatever area we wish. Green means go!

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Bloc’s Training board has been reset

Ben Norman (from Bloc) has taken the hero move to reset the steep training board (woody) at Bloc. The steep training board (which is found at the back right side of the climbing area) was, according to the stronger of the scene, in desperate need of a reset. With Ben Norman taking the lead it has had [...]

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Early we know, but the Climbers Xmas party is booked!

The time is nearly on us to prep, book the date and get excited for this years (2016) Bristol Climbing Scene Christmas Party. Please RSVP now, its Free and will help us get served quicker. Do it.   If you have not been before, this is the only gathering for all the climbers from [...]

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Cailean Harker’s Fontainebleau hard Blocs video sees the light of day

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAsPbD50HXE What do you do when you have an climbing injury? catch up on all that photo and video editing you should have done. Here is a quick little video from Cailean Harker showing off the hard blocs from his recent trip to Fontainebleau. From Cailean website "Here is a video of a quick trip Ben West [...]

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Topout Media hits the ground running

Topout Media have released their first video, it is safe to say it's beautiful, well filmed and been an successful project. We are already looking forward to the next, don't make us wait too long. https://vimeo.com/146370910 A Topout Media production from Max Ayrton & Alex Shaw A short bouldering film. A collection of recommended problems, [...]

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Get your party shoes on!

It's the Bristol Climber's Xmas Party 2015! Not just restricted to the climbing social calendar, the Bristol Climber’s Xmas party is an annual gathering of faces of people of the Bristol climbing scene and beyond. I even bumped into THE Dave Pickford last year. Climbers are interesting, travelling people, so it can be hard to [...]

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Bristol Climbing Centre has been SOLD to TCA!

  Huge news! Probably the biggest of the year (except perhaps Yan Hawkins finally getting a job) TCA have taken over ownership of Undercover Rock (Bristol Climbing Centre)!   We are a little shy on the details and the rumours are flying, but rest assured we will do our best to dig deeper and find [...]

NOTICE: TCA’s November Comp now in December.

Due to a calendar clash between TCA and Bloc, TCA were able to move their always fantastic competition to the 12th of December. This undoubtably helps the climbers and patrons of both walls, so a big thanks from the scene to TCA. More info here