Another great Corporate Competition at Bloc

It was great to see another Corporate Competition go so well at Bloc Climbing Centre, After setting this one and the previous one up it was a real shame not to be there this time. I had a trip to Font planned and was gutted not to make it to see all the guy and [...]

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Climbing at London Bridge ( deep water soloing )

Quick 1 Day rock climbing trip to Torbay Myself, Matt Cox and Yan headed to down to climb in Torbay, specifically to get some long awaited DWS in at London Bridge area. With none of us having been there before and as I have not been deep water soloing for a very long time we [...]

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Climbing a new route in Pembrokeshire

Finally made it climbing in pembroke Having not been to Pembroke more than a handful of times I was keen to get to know it better and with the offer from Henry Castle to crash at his me and Emily packed and left for the sun. New climbing route in pembroke Of course anytime you are [...]

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Adventures of Nervous Boy, E1 5b. My First First Ascent, hopefully…

New routing before noon After another late night with Dave Talbot he had convinced once again that Trad climbing was the way forward. He described a crag that was steep, stays dry, where no ones goes or has heard of and that he and Henry had cleaned over a year ago but had never climbed. How [...]

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New Routing in Chepstow-Were we allowed? Who’s cares…

Let the frenzy of comments commence. Before you do though, I don't want to hear, he said she said, i heard this once from a farmers cousin who has a friend who's a friend of a perigean, who knows a guy that once had a go at this route and then got told off by [...]

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Competition setting for Bloc Climbing Centre

Its comp day. Were in for the big set for the comp final today, Gaz and West were in yesterday smashing up 30 problems, 10 problems each for adult and children and then 10 that float for both. We about to start setting for the finals, simple enough hopefully but then these things never go [...]

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How to build a poor mans TRX

After seeing this TRX used by Ben west, I new I HAD to have one! if you have not seen it used then head to youtube and check out a few videos, its a super slick way of training , low impact, inventive and easy to store. I fell in love with it straight away. [...]

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it’s over : ( , until next years Bristol Climbing scene Xmas party

WOW what a amazing night ! yeah a MASSIVE thanks to the Miners and a massive thanks to all those that came along and were so kind and understanding of the the bar staff they were without doubt all really happy with how nice a bunch of climbers could be, there was not bad word [...]

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Final Raffle Prizes Bristol Climbing Xmas Party

All the money raised over that of the gift costs, will be given directly to the Avon and Cheddar Fixed Gear Fund   3 Month Free unlimited entry into The Bristol Climbing Academy !! at the usual cost of £160 !! Donated of course by The Climbing Academy Please make sure we thank Paul and Rich on [...]

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Bristol Climbing Scene Xmas Raffle

While we have everyone in one place we thought it would be a great idea to run a Raffle! 1. For a laugh 2. Everyone loves the chance to win free stuff 3. So everyone can here my soft lovely bristol accent over a mic and most importantly 4. Help raise money for the Bristol [...]

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