Recommend a Route #3 – Lucy Creamer

Well, its 3 months into winter, the snow has finally arrived, albeit momentarily, and you’ve probably exhausted the routes in your local climbing gym enough to warrant doing them blind-folded. On the up-side, it’s one more month closer to spring and it’s a new year for getting out and exploring your closer-to-home climbing venues. Bristol [...]

ClimbBristol enters a new phase

The project ClimbBristol which aims to bring climbing to the conversation whenever Avon Gorge is considered along with cleaning, fixing and renewing fixed protection is entering new phase. ClimbBristol is soon to be leaving its phase of a BMC funded operation and is to become a volunteer and crowdfunded association. The project has been a huge success, drawing on [...]

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‘sport climbing’ courses planned for kids in Avon Gorge! Surely not.

Along with Cheddar Gorge sport climbing courses (with access confusion cleared up here) the BMC are planning to run a days sport climbing course at Avon Gorge, that might not sound like such a big deal, the idea is fantastic, a heavily discounted climbing session to help encourage and inspire young children to climb.  While [...]

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