The Southwest’s first independent climbing team is formed.

            GB Bouldering team member Ben West and top Mammut athlete Cailean Harker have joined forces. Cailean's move to Bristol to chase down Ben West landed him in the hub of Bristol's growing set of über-strong young climbers who were spread out across all the walls in Bristol along with, [...]

Get into Comps!

Bloc Climbing Centre in Bristol is holding another of their famous competitions tomorrow! 4/5/15. If you are unsure about how competitions work and would like a go, here is a quick guide....   The best bit about bouldering for many people is that it is laid back, accessible, and extremely sociable. Whether you are coming [...]

25/5/15 Bank Holiday Opening Times

Here are the opening times for Bristol centres this Monday: Bloc:            10am - 8pm Redpoint:  10am - 10pm TCA:            10am - 10pm UCR:            9.30am - 6pm   Enjoy your day off!      

ClimbBristol enters a new phase

The project ClimbBristol which aims to bring climbing to the conversation whenever Avon Gorge is considered along with cleaning, fixing and renewing fixed protection is entering new phase. ClimbBristol is soon to be leaving its phase of a BMC funded operation and is to become a volunteer and crowdfunded association. The project has been a huge success, drawing on [...]

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‘sport climbing’ courses planned for kids in Avon Gorge! Surely not.

Along with Cheddar Gorge sport climbing courses (with access confusion cleared up here) the BMC are planning to run a days sport climbing course at Avon Gorge, that might not sound like such a big deal, the idea is fantastic, a heavily discounted climbing session to help encourage and inspire young children to climb.  While [...]

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BMC opens up instructing at Cheddar…for themselves.

Exciting news although... not as exciting as we hoped. Hoping to instructing at cheddar after the BMC placed an advert on their site offering performance coaching at Cheddar gorge, think again, its only for the BMC and its approved providers. Quote below from the BMC in response to our question. "These courses are subsidised by [...]

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7even Cheddar 7even’s

Jack Blackmore on the classic 'Still Waters Run Deep' F7b We all know, to get the best out of Cheddar you need to be operating in the 7's and there are some great routes out there. So... I propose a challenge to the Bristol Climbing Scene: To climb, 7 classic (single pitch) cheddar [...]

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