Bristol climbing centre Bloc's picture of the training boardBen Norman (from Bloc) has taken the hero move to reset the steep training board (woody) at Bloc. The steep training board (which is found at the back right side of the climbing area) was, according to the stronger of the scene, in desperate need of a reset. With Ben Norman taking the lead it has had a total reset with this possibly being the best set to date. The holds are sweet the spacing nice, the angles are spot on leading overall to a great woody reset.

Accompanying the reset and adding huge value also is a Bloc training board Facebook group which Ben himself set up. On the group page you will find the full image of the ‘woody’  (as the header) to use when submitting your climbs to the group page. A lot of the group used Skitch (Found here) on ios to mark up there problems although any similar software will do.

Needless to say plenty of climbers have come out the ‘wood work’ (excuse the pun) to get involved in the new blocs and regenerated psyche that the new climbs ultimately bring.

Bristol climbers woody problem jackintheboxHow does it work, can I make up a problem.

The premise is simple (if you know it!), select a climb from the Facebook, like the one to the left known as ‘Jackinthebox” by Jamie Johnstone and try to climb using only the marked hand hold (in yellow) and only resin feet (Try not to use the wood holds for your feet as this damages them forever)

Problems like the one above can be worked out by anyone, anyone as long as they can climb it. Once a line is spotted and worked out to be possible the climber often keeps the moves secret until they are climbed. Once they are climbed successfully the climber gives them a name and  a rough grade, the image is then marked up and posted on the group.

In a very short space of time a large group of problems start to exist for anyone to try.

Why don’t you download the blank image above and try and make you own climb.