Huge news! Probably the biggest of the year (except perhaps Yan Hawkins finally getting a job) TCA have taken over ownership of Undercover Rock (Bristol Climbing Centre)!


We are a little shy on the details and the rumours are flying, but rest assured we will do our best to dig deeper and find out their plans for the future.

Needless to say it is exciting news for all the climbers in Bristol. Undercover, to say the least,  has been stagnant for many years and any injection of psyche and money can only be for the better. With literally 1000’s of climbers being born at UCR we really hope TCA has solid plans to keep this important sporting centre alive.


This is what TCA had to say on their blog.

The Climbing Academy and Undercover Rock are excited to announce that from January 1st, TCA will become the owner and operator of UCR.

We’ve been in discussions for some time and this week instructed the lawyers. Everything else is in place so we just have to wait now for the paperwork to be completed.

UCR and TCA have worked closely in getting to this point and will continue to do so as we begin the change of ownership. We all want the change to happen smoothly and safely and we’ll ensure that there’s no downtime. TCA have plans for the development of the business which they will announce once everything is finalised.

In the meantime, we look forward to UCR moving forwards and to an exciting future for the climbers of Bristol.