It’s the Bristol Climber’s Xmas Party 2015!

bristol climbing scene xmas party hat

Not just restricted to the climbing social calendar, the Bristol Climber’s Xmas party is an annual gathering of faces of people of the Bristol climbing scene and beyond. I even bumped into THE Dave Pickford last year.

Climbers are interesting, travelling people, so it can be hard to make have more than one big social event, to collect all its great characters in one place. Certain events such as the Kendal Mountain Film Festival, Sheffield’s Works Party and North Wales’s Llanberis Film Festival are other events that invite climbers, nationally and internationally to come together for a great social get-together.


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Look at all these happy faces!


What is special about this gathering of people is its widespread opening to old and new faces. If you’re a climber and have lived in Bristol for years, you’re welcome. If you’ve just moved to Bristol and relative new to climbing, you’re welcome. Simple as!

Originally held at a St. Werburgh’s pub in 2012, demand forced a bigger venue the following year, and dance moves were mixed into the night’s agenda. The Cavern bar in Bristol’s city centre was 2013’s venue, seeing plenty of dance moves flaunted. I would have included more photos of the event, but it would have meant some, perhaps, unwanted sweaty images of certain climber’s topless bodies (it’s OK Mike Coles, sweat is only natural).


With the spread of climbers now situated in four climbing walls across the city, contacts are harder to make than when simply one wall was open. Perhaps you’re looking to increase some local climbing knowledge, pick up some new climbing friends, or simply want a free party atmosphere to make your British Christmas EVEN jollier.


If so, head over to the Bristol Climber’s Xmas Party at Halo Bar, Gloucester road on Friday 11th December, 7.30pm. Hope to see you there!