Finally made it climbing in pembroke

Having not been to Pembroke more than a handful of times I was keen to get to know it better and with the offer from Henry Castle to crash at his me and Emily packed and left for the sun.


New climbing route in pembroke

Of course anytime you are climbing with Henry you are in for something a little bit different, probably involving a girdle or travers or sorts and most likely a route no one has ever done before or likely to do again!

Having said that this line we put up was a great one, scary enough due to huge, almost totally disconnected bloc you end up mounting, but still a great outing, one I would probably do again.

[su_lightbox type=”image” src=””]henry[/su_lightbox]

Due to the large bloc you mount and my recent appointment as Centre Manager at Bloc Climbing Henry choose ” Bloc Manager ” as the name of his route.

[su_lightbox type=”image” src=””]IMG_4605[/su_lightbox]

After climbing beers, sun and sand

Of course no trip climbing Trip to Pembrokeshire would be complete without a visit to one of the immaculate beaches.

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