On Wednesday the 25th of March I held the Varsity 2015 climbing competition in Bristol for the UWE and Bristol UNI.

It was a great event with everyone helping each other out. All the climbers, even from different teams, were helping each other throughout the entire event. I even found UWE helping to tally all the Varsity scores.

Someone had to win… this year it was Bristol UNI climbing teams turn to win varsity 2015

The varsity score was based on the the top 10 male climbers and top 4 female climbers of each team so no final was needed and even a draw at the top did not matter as long as one UNI team came out on top.

However, everyone loves a final so I knocked one together with the students helping to judge, score and brush the holds, it was definitely a team effort.

After the event to celebrate or drown their sorrows both teams stayed at Bloc climbing centre for a few beers and a BBQ that they were hosting themselves.

Nothing else to say except thanks to all those that came and made the varsity climbing competition such a classic.