Bloc Climbing Centre in Bristol is holding another of their famous competitions tomorrow! 4/5/15. If you are unsure about how competitions work and would like a go, here is a quick guide….


The best bit about bouldering for many people is that it is laid back, accessible, and extremely sociable. Whether you are coming down to get fitter, or simply to meet your mates for a chat and a laugh, bouldering is definitely a better way to spend your time than sitting on your ass at home.


At some point in climbing, as with all sports, there is inherently some element of competition between the participants. But unlike many sports, competitive events in climbing (especially bouldering) are open to climbers of any ability. Competitions are a great way to see how you compare against the other locals in your area, and usually the national squads too. Whether you want to just be the best amongst your climbing buddies or you are going out to beat the rest, climbing competitions are the way to make it official.




It will feel much like a normal session in that you are free to climb as and when you like, but the combination of a bustling, psyched crowd and live DJs combines to create a really electric atmosphere. They’re also a great chance to learn from and meet pros at the top of the game.


How it works:

  1. You turn up to the centre as normal.

  2. Sign in and grab a scorecard.

  3. Start climbing!

  4. Hand in your scorecard when you’re done.

photo 2

It’s really that simple.

As you walk around the centre just like a regular session, you will notice that there are problems distinguished from the rest of the routes with a scorecard, pinned number, or other obvious sign.


The number on this sign corresponds to a number on your scorecard. There are various ways that the scoring is completed in climbing competitions, but for simplicity I will just explain the method that is used at Bloc.

You will see ‘attempts’ written along the top of your scorecard – quite simply, this means the number of attempts it takes you to complete a problem. The fewer attempts, the higher your score! So make sure that you take your time to read your routes beforehand and get the send on the first go. It is worth bringing your go-to energy for the events as the cafés usually get very busy.

At the end of the day, it is time for the finals. Usually, the top 3 scoring males and females will be selected to climb the final problems on the competition 3 This part of the day is thrilling, exciting, and nerve-wracking! You’ll be shouting and cheering and jeering.


If you still don’t feel like taking part in the competitions, you’re always welcome to come and climb and not hand in a scorecard.


Good luck!