The Bristol Climbing Scene


The Bristol Climbing Scene is a project with 3 main aims:

  1. Bringing the climbers of bristol closer together

  2. Becoming the best resource for information related to climbing and climbing events in Bristol

  3. To offer best climbing advice for new and seasoned climbers in Bristol


The Bristol climbing scene consists of everyone who has ever set foot in a climbing centre, it is open to all, no matter the age,skill or strength.

Currently the project and its sub sections are maintained by a small team and people wanting to either help the scene, learn a few things, develop their writing, help others or promote their services i.e coaching, at times all of the above.

Help is always required, if you think you can offer some time or would really like to see your articles read by many then get in contact. This project really is built by climbers for climbers.

Why was BCS started

The Bristol Climbing Scene project idea started off as just a Xmas party. Each year traditionally Undercover Rock would hold the christmas party at the Miners Arms in St Werburghs, UCR did this to thank all the climbers in Bristol and to bring them together in the winter, unfortunately as other walls were built (At this time there was only UCR), UCR lost some of its appeal and apparent want (or cash flow) to put on a party for the scene. I had returned from a season away to come home and hear that the party had not been held and nothing else was in place.

Climbing in Bristol

“With 4 climbing walls now in Bristol I felt we needed one central place for information – keep an eye on the Bristol climbing scene website to stay on top of news and events related to climbing in Bristol” – Steve Winslow

Hopefully this new site will go someway to keeping the scene together.

Knowing that without doubt the climbing christmas parties had brought me into climbing and made sure that I stayed true to it, I knew that I had to do my bit to start another, at least for 1 year. The climbers in Bristol, I think, are the best around and the parties – or any big night – thrown by us are always the places that help make the scene as tight as it is, so I had no choice, I had to try and keep the parties and the socials going.

With so many new climbers coming through, young and old, this made it possibly the most important time in Bristolian History to make sure the scene stayed together whilst also explaining to newcomers just how big it is and that there are 3 other walls out there and a world of rock to get cranking on.

Share your articles, promote your services, just offer to help.