We love donations! and thanks everyone of you that have donated to The Bristol Climbing Scene so far, you have definitely helped to support the christmas party along with planning other events.

All money left over will immediately go to the Climb Bristol Peg and Bolt fund for Bristol and the surrounding areas.

To make a donation however small please visit our paypal account or hold onto your cash until the christmas party

Please donate today to help pay for parties, website and to help fund climbing session for those unable to afford such an activity.

Or use this link to help fund the bristol climbing scene


Are you a school or PRU?

If you are a PRU or have students or a student that you think could help develop themselves through climbing or perhaps you have a student that might just like to try bouldering. Please contact BCS as we are currently implementing a charity scheme for that very thing.

For a quick chat on how we can help call steve 07795633933