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We are back to HALO for 2015 winter party

Its costing about £100 for the venue so be kind and hit us up with a donation (every pound helps) or find us on the day.

When – December 11th (Friday) 7.30pm onwards


2015-xmas-flyerSame as 2014 but bigger

The party will be starting at 7.30pm and run until “we stop buying beer” last year that about 3.30am!
The estimates for attendance last year were around 220, we hope to see even more new faces this year from all the walls; staff and customers.

The base of climbers is growing so fast and so wide that has never been a more important time to keep the scene together and show so many others that there is a great scene behind them.

Some essential questions

Is it Free to come?


Is it for eveyone?


Should you come if dont know anyone yet ?


The plan

We are meeting at 7.30pm for drinks until late, swapping stories and catching up with old mates (or making new ones) for as long as we are welcome in the building. (lets try and not get kicked)

We have the backrooms and the courtyard all to ourselves and depending on the numbers I will let the Halo staff know if we want the exclusive use of the front room.


Light background music in the backroom all the way through the night, with people pulling on the decks from 9pm through to the wee hours of the morning.

Of course with the separate front room if musics not your thing then there is plenty of space to chill.
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What happens if we fill it!

Well lets deal with that if it happens, Im feeling confident we have the space. If not though the next pub is only minutes up the road where we can carry on the party still carrying through the ethos of the Bristol climbing scene.


Where is it?