The Program

Date and details

On the [DATE To Be Announced] all that are keen will try to complete either one of the challenge sets below

This is not a race, we will all stick together, if you think you can’t swim 1000m, no one minds, just swim what you want! its only for fun.

Standard Climbing Challenge

  1. 35 problems at Bloc Climbing Centre (any grade) in 1.25hrs
  2. Swim 1000m in 1.5hrs
  3. Ride 20k – (in total, including transitions. the cycle stage is approx 14k)
  4. Run 10k in 1hr
  5. Climb 12 routes (any grade) in 1.5hrs


Olympic Climbing Challenge

  1. 35 bouldering problems: 20 Reds, 10 Blues and 5 Yellows. (Climbed at Bloc Climbing Centre) in 1.25hrs
  2. Swim 1500m in 1.5hrs
  3. Ride 25k in 1.5hrs
  4. Run 10k in 1 hr
  5. Climb 16 routes graded 5 and above in 1.5hrs


Each Stage is cycled between through designated routes.

All competitors meet at section start and finish points at each stage.

You will need to pay all entrance costs and complete and meet all registration requirements of the each centre


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Remember this is not a race but a challenge. Don’t worry about the distance, if you want to cut it short do it.
If you can’t swim 1000m swim 200m, don’t want to cycle 20k cut it short and meet us at the next station , it is really up to you.
Approx times: We aim not to leave anyone behind so these times may vary.
Item Time
Meeting and briefing 10:00 – 10:15
Bouldering stage at Bloc Challenge 10:15 – 11.30
Cycle to Horfield swimming pool 11.30 – 12:00
Swimming stage at Horfield centre 12:00-13:30
Cycle stage from horfield and on the downs 13:45-15:15
Cycle down from the Clifton Suspension bridge to start of the run 15:15-15:30
Running stage on the dirt track on the edge of the Portway river 15:30-16:30
Cycle to Redpoint Bristol 16:30-16:45
Climb stage at Redpoint Climbing Centre 16:45-18:15
Complete and de-brief, awarding ceremony (allow 45 miuntes margin) 19:00-19:30
Much needed dinner and beer at Redpoint 19:00-20:00

REMEMBER: You will need to pay all entrance costs and complete and meet all registration requirements of the each centre

What you will need for the event

Equipment on the day

During the Pentathlon you will need to carry everything for the stages with you at all times. There is no returning transition area to leave your kit this means you will need to bring and carry all the kit you need throughout the day (except lead ropes which can be pre dropped at Redpoint)

You will need to carry at least:

  1. Climbing kit. Shoes, chalk, harness and belay.
  2. Cycling kit. Puncture repair, helmet, bike lock.
  3. Swimming kit. Towel, googles, swim suit/shorts
  4. Running kit. 
  5. Water
  6. Food


Bloc Climbing Centre (bouldering stage)

  1. You will need to be a member of Bloc or be able to join on the day (Bloc’s requirements apply, must have previous climbing experience of around 10 hours)
  2. Entry fee will need to be paid, currently £8.50
  3. Your standard climbing kit. (shoes and chalk bag)

Horfield Leisure Centre (Swimming stage)

  1. You will need to be a member of the pool (free, can be done on the day, but it would be better if it is done before as the pool is only open for 1.5 hour)
  2. Entry fee of £4.25 (approx) will need to be paid
  3. You will need £1 for a locker
  4. You will need your standard swimming kit

Cycling stage

  1. You will need a working bike
  2. Bike helmet

Redpoint Bristol (Route climbing stage)

  1. You will need to be a member of Redpoint or be able to join on the day (Redpoint’s requirements apply), this can be done on the day, although you might prefer to pre register if you have not already to save time.
  2. Your standard climbing kit. Harness, belay, climbing shoes, Chalk. (Lead ropes are allowed to be pre delivered to Redpoint)


You weather on the day of course is unknown until closer to the event. However, even  on the day please prepare adequately for all situations.

The stages and maps

The cycle map is to be adjusted to create the 25k loop for the olympic distance.

Finishing the event

After finishing with your pride intact and a smile on your face you need go no further, take you rightful seat in Redpoint Bristol cafe, order the largest burger they do along with the correct amount of beer and COLLECT the WINNERS FAKE REAL GOLD MEDALLION knowing you are the one of the most successful people in the world right now.

The ride to your home is compulsory. Getting Safely through your front door completes your BCS Pentathlon 2016 (not making it home will see the medallion stripped from you and the shame will be forever upon you).

We would like to thank (even though there are 2 that we wont be visiting this time) all the climbing centres below for their time and support for this event.

The Climbing Academy Redpoint Bristol Undercover Rock Ltd Bloc Climbing Centre

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