Flash Comp at TCA

  Climbing Starting times 10 - 2pm Youth 12-2pm Adult See TCA's website for more info.

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Indoor climbing with your children; How to start.

By it’s very nature climbing is a simple sport. No matter the climbers age or ability they are often, if not always, trying their hardest to climb their best. As the climber and the difficulty of the climbs progress the holds get smaller and the the foot holds worse, however, no matter the size, [...]

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Why are people swapping the Gym for Indoor rock Climbing or Bouldering?

Over the last 10 years, indoor rock climbing, or more specifically indoor bouldering (rope-less climbing over a safety mat) has exploded onto the mainstream. Attached to this hype are people, lots and lots of people. People of all ages, from all walks of life are joining climbing centres across the country, with many new centres [...]

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Bristol Climbers Xmas Party

The party will be starting at 7.30pm and run until “we stop buying beer” last year that about 3.30am! The estimates for attendance last year were around 220, we hope to see even more new faces this year from all the walls; staff and customers. The base of climbers is growing so fast and so wide [...]

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Announcing the Bristol Climbers Xmas Party 2015

This year has seen the first ever annual Bristol climbers summer boat party and will see the 4th climbers Christmas party. Year on year this has escalated and can only be called a great success we hope this one will be as well. The aim, as with all of Bristol Climbing Scenes actions is to bring [...]