Climbing Problem LayoutLast Friday saw another fantastic little corporate competition that I held at Bloc climbing centre, with around 40 competitors its was not the biggest comp we have held but without doubt the most fun and I hope for all the climbers the most memorable.

Bristol climbing trophy corporate c

The all important (and expensive!) Trophy

It was all to play for as Dyson were desperate to hold onto the title. It wasn’t to be, Rolls Royce this time took it all…Winning the individual comp and the team event securing the trophy until next time.

Scoring system to encourage participation

For this event I changed the scoring in the hope that a new system would encourage a bit more participation and reward those that tried hard and kept on trying.

Completing each problem earned you 20 points hold the last but 1 hold gained you 19 points and so on until the first hold/s. Even just pulling up onto the holds gained you the minimum points for that problem.

They had unlimited attempts and then entered their best score.

It seemed to be a huge success and really help those entry level climbers, which is exactly as I had hoped. The stronger climbers seeing no difference but to the others in meant a lot.